Our Story

For thirty years Marie and Graeme Nuttridge  have aspired to clinical excellence, however they quickly learned that this was only half of the story.

Injury and disease can and usually does affect us all. The key issue is not just the physical adversity but also how you cope with this adversity.

Our story does include leading edge physical therapy, but also the integration of exercise, perseverance and goal setting. This ability to set and achieve the goal (e.g, return to rugby in 4 weeks) is often linked to other achievement goals such as reducing weight, increasing overall activity levels and, with the advent of positive psychology, a more engaged and purposeful life. We have learned over the years, that one achievement leads to another, that returning from injury  can lead to goals set and achieved  e.g. reduced weight, better performance, increased activity and a more engaged and focused life.

We do not intend to let this opportunity pass by.

How do we bring activity back into your life?

  • Offering high standards of clinical excellence 
  • Offering gym-based rehabilitation and activity based programmes
  • Access to other areas of knowledge such as nutrition, psychology and exercise prescription.
  • Staff trained in technical skills but also EQ – Emotional Intelligence, providing certainty, optimism, encouragement and hopefully, offering a way forward.
  • Multiple locations allowing easy access.



PHYSIOSOUTH is a company with a core focus on providing physiotherapy services in the community. PHYSIOSOUTH is one of the largest providers of private physiotherapy in the South Island. We operate in community clinics within or near to medical centers or in large modern gyms, which are used for rehabilitation and exercise prescription. We believe in a continuum of care from early management to complete rehabilitation and return to function. Improved function or lack of disability is the key physical outcome at PHYSIOSOUTH. We also believe in promoting positive lifestyle and activity changes, beyond a simple return to work, sport or life level of achievement.


What is PHYSIOSOUTHS vision?

PHYSIOSOUTH will provide client focused physiotherapy services from all sites at the highest levels. Targeting musculoskeletal and general physiotherapy injuries or conditions. We will provide a complete solution to the patient; focusing on our promise "we will fix you or send you to someone who can". Secondary to this key focus we will provide options and education for clients to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Within 5 years we aim to provide a comprehensive service to the community in key regions as well as on site, home and web based solutions to helping our clients. All levels within the community will benefit from our initiatives.

In Summary our vision is:
"To provide every customer with a solution to their problem and that every customer will in some way benefit long term from the PHYSIOSOUTH experience."


What is PHYSIOSOUTHS promise to you?

"We will fix you or send you to someone who can" 

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