This newsletter aims to connect, whether you are a customer or colleague. This year at PHYSIOSOUTH our theme has been “Other people matter”. The late Chris Peterson, a founder of “Positive Psychology”, has used this phrase to define in a nutshell what positive psychology is really all about. However, it also rings true for physiotherapy, all of the other health professions, and more. It’s a fundamental theme of a healthy society.

“Other people matter.” I say that in every positive psychology lecture I give and every positive psychology workshop I conduct. It sounds like a bumper sticker slogan, but it is actually a good summary of what positive psychology research has shown about the good life broadly construed. It is in the company of others that we often experience pleasure and certainly how we best savor its aftermath. It is through character strengths that connect us to others – like gratitude – that many of us nd satisfaction and meaning in life. It is with other people that we work, love, and play. Good relationships with other people may be a necessary condition for our own happiness.


–Chris Peterson. From his Blog “The Good Life”

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