At PhysioSouth we have physiotherapists with special interests, including knee problems, running, shoulder, back and neck, cricket, throwing sports, tendon, vocational (work) and pain focused physiotherapists.

We can refer to almost anyone within the medical system. However, two clinics which have been running successfully for a long time are:


The Knee Clinic was started five years ago with Graeme Nuttridge and a leading knee surgeon. Expertise and pathways were developed for immediate diagnosis and treatment matched to the diagnosis. Regular knee pain does not need to go through the Knee Clinic but severe, recurrent and persistent problems do. This clinic works and slipstreams you – the knee patient – to the right treatment sooner. The Knee Clinic is now run by our clinical lead, Lidia Belles.


In all of physiotherapy some of the greatest changes have been in the way we manage tendon pain. A team at Moorhouse Medical, lead by physiotherapists James Walker and Amos Johnson, including a leading MSK Physician, are focusing on tendon pain. Strong links from physician to rehabilitation allow better diagnosis and management. We do know that tendon pain gets better but it does rely on good accurate diagnosis and improved, sustained periods of the right rehabilitation exercises.

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