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We want you to move, for life. We provide in clinic services across Canterbury, as well as online appointments through Telehealth. We are ACC accredited and work closely with other Allied Health practitioners to make sure you are receiving the best care Canterbury has to offer.

It’s easy to forget the fundamental importance of movement—how it directly impacts our health and overall quality of life. When faced with an injury or illness that reduces our ability to move, everything changes. The repercussions extend beyond physical well-being, affecting our mental health, work, and connections with people and experiences we love.

At Physiosouth, we know how important movement is. Our focus extends beyond addressing symptoms; we are dedicated to mobilizing people. We get people moving, yes, and also see ourselves as partners in our patients’ rehabilitation journeys. We tailor their recovery plans to address not only physical but also emotional needs. Our approach is characterized by empathy and care because crafting a treatment plan is more than just diagnosing a problem—it’s about understanding people.

For over 35 years, our commitment to enhancing lives through movement has made us Canterbury’s most respected and experienced physiotherapy practice, attracting top therapists in their field. Nothing matters more to us than our patients.

We take immense pride in our work and the positive impact we have on people’s lives. While each practitioner brings unique skills and personalities to every consultation, we’ve developed a distinctive approach to help our patients harness the power of movement:

Repair: We restore normal function and alleviate pain resulting from injury, surgery, excessive use, prolonged inactivity, and lifestyle issues.

Perform: We assist patients in performing at their best by safely integrating fitness and wellness into an ongoing program, enhancing physical capacity and vitality.

Thrive: We guide patients towards increased capacity and resilience against future issues, enabling them to return to movement in their lives, stronger and better than before.

This approach reflects our commitment to channelling all our energy, skills, care, and attention into helping our patients move towards getting more out of life.

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