As a patient at Physiosouth, you are not merely a passive recipient but an active contributor in charge of managing and directing your own journey of care. Together we wish to work collaboratively to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.

Treatment Components



Key questions from patients often are:

  • How long until I get better? 
  • What is the plan to get there?

Everyone is different and there are a variety of factors influencing recovery time, but here at Physiosouth, we strive to offer clarity and partnership to ensure your recovery is the best fit for you and helps accomplish your goals.



Physiosouth core interventions are centred around our management paradigm: 

Each of these interventions will have greater/lesser emphasis based on individual and clinicians expectations and tissue tolerance through their Journey of Care. 


  • In partnership with you as a patient we work together to identify your baseline mobility, stability and strength. 
  • We then look at progressions, 
    • Plyometrics ie. Jumping hopping etc
    • Loading for endurance or for power and speed 
    • What else can we target to increase your performance 
  • Return to play/work or perform 
    • Sport/work/activity-specific exercises
    • Working with you individually, as part of a team or workplace, alongside coaches and colleagues within your sport/work environment you are returning to. 


Common training errors 

  • Overfocus on sport-specific capacity: 
    • Majority of training is devoted to sport-specific tasks eg. throwing a baseball without supplementary shoulder external rotation training
    • Implication: “fit” to perform, but with potentially poor local tissue health 
  • Overfocus on local tissue capacity 
    • The majority of training is devoted to improving local tissue capacity eg. isolated hamstring strengthening 
    • Implication: good local tissue health, but unable to perform the demands of competition such as sprinting 


Proposed training model 

  • Balance of both sport-specific and load tissue capacity 
    • Regularly scheduled loading cycles to enhance both local and sport-specific capacities eg. improving calf strength in runners as well as conditioning circuits 
    • Implication: good local tissue health and ability to perform the demands of competition

Our team are experts at developing rehabilitation pathways for you to recover by a progressive training program for improving local tissue capacity in order to progress to activity/ sport-specific loading.

We continue to look for innovative ways to support your journey in returning to performing at your best, no matter what your expectations are.

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