Back pain is a common occurrence affecting people across all walks of life. As many as 80% of New Zealanders will suffer from back pain within their lifetime. There is good news though, whether suffering from a new injury or chronic pain, physiotherapy can help.

What causes back pain?

Back pain can start for a large variety of reasons and is usually caused by repetitive stress (eg: gardening for hours at a time) or from a one-off incident (eg: lifting a heavy load while twisting). Back pain can be expressed simply as a grumbling lower back tightness or as a severe and disabling back spasm, with or without sciatic pain. Whatever the cause, the result is the same; pain and loss of participation in your everyday activities. 

Treating back pain with a combination of hands-on treatment and exercise has had proven results. Our physios are trained in the most effective physiotherapy techniques and combine this with state-of-the-art exercise therapy in order to return you to full health as rapidly as possible. 


How Physiosouth treats back pain

  • Take down a detailed history – how the injury occurred, look at any previous back pain and your general health history
  • Assess your functional movement patterns looking at strength, mobility, sensation and exercise tolerance
  • Create a customised treatment plan built around your work and lifestyle
  • Choose which hands-on treatments will best serve you (mobilisation, joint manipulation or soft tissue massage)
  • Prescribe exercises which we will teach you so you can also do these at home once you leave physiotherapy
  • Give advice to decrease the chances of your back pain recurring, including advice on posture or workplace assessments

Outcome of treatment

At Physiosouth we believe in our axiom: Repair, Perform, Thrive, and apply this to our physiotherapy services. With back pain reoccurring by as much as 50% within a year, we endeavour to have all our clients leave better than on arrival, armed with knowledge and ongoing techniques to defeat this statistic. We work with you to relieve pain and improve your overall well-being and physical conditioning so that you have the best chance to remain pain-free and engaged in life.

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