We are proud to partner with the team at Advanced Fitness who provide complete personal coaching and training services at our private Sports Clinic gym on Bealey Ave.

Our boutique gym includes a range of modern strength, cardio & rehabilitation equipment selected to maximise the effectiveness of your workout, regardless of your personal goals.


This provides a more intimate and focused training environment for you to work in, meaning less wait time, among other people who are likely on a similar journey to you, allowing you to focus on your workout.


Working with a personal trainer can provide you with the tools and support to ensure you reach your health, fitness, recovery and competitive goals.


Paul and Jane provide motivation, accountability, education and guidance to help with safe, efficient and effective form and technique, in and out of the gym environment.


They will work with you to shape and define your health and fitness goals and provide you with the guidance and personal support to empower you to successfully achieve them.

Our Personal Trainers and Physios are often working in the gym and are happy to offer advice and support to enhance your session.


Click here to find out more about the qualified trainers we work with:

Paul Todd – Health and Performance Coach



Jane Williams – Personal Coach

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