Pain can stop you doing the things you love with the people you love. Our kind-hearted and experienced physiotherapists can help you understand and manage your pain so that you are able to enjoy life and participate more fully.

Örebro Pain Questionnaire: Örebro.pdf


We treat chronic pain

As physiotherapists, we are perfectly placed to provide education and functional input to help you manage your pain. At Physiosouth we deliver pain management services that are research-based and in line with World Health Organisation guidelines.

Our physiotherapists practice pain management using a biopsychosocial approach. We understand that biology, current social circumstances and what may be happening psychologically in someone’s life, can all potentially influence pain. Our pain therapists have training as developed by the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, Australia. Founded by David Butler, responsible for the ‘Explain Pain’ revolution, this approach has been described as the cornerstone of modern pain treatment and rehabilitation.


Pain management program

If you have an ACC-covered injury you may be eligible to sign up for a pain management program. The program is coordinated by your physiotherapist and can be extended to include a multi-disciplinary team (GP, psychologist, pain specialist). As a team, we share information and work together to manage your pain and help you to achieve better outcomes.


How we treat chronic pain

  • Obtain a detailed history, look at possible external/internal influences and explain the pain/ brain link
  • Use the Keele START tool and other pain outcome measures such as the Orebro questionnaire to identify risk factors for chronic pain (where appropriate)
  • Create a pain management framework – this might involve active coping strategies such as pacing advice, setting realistic goals for each day and mindfulness training
  • Use physiotherapy tools such as acupuncture, manual therapy and exercise prescription (including yoga or pilates)
  • Refer you to other health professionals such as a pain specialist or psychologist to assist you further with managing the pain (where relevant)


Outcome of treatment

We can help you understand why you have flare-ups in pain, teach you how to self-manage pain through regular exercise and help you with pacing your daily activities to achieve your goals in life.

We show you how to successfully manage your pain so that you may independently thrive and achieve more in the areas of your life that matter the most.

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