We are a team of leading physiotherapists passionate about keeping you active in the areas you love the most. Our Repair, Perform, Thrive philosophy supports our client-first approach to your health as we focus on bringing activity back into, and enhancing your life.

Our Repair, Perform, Thrive philosophy

Clients come to Physiosouth to put activity and purpose back into their lives. Whether your goal is as simple as getting up in the morning, weeding the garden, or as challenging as climbing a mountain, we work with you to:

  • Repair – overcome your obstacles including injuries or illness
  • Perform – help you to perform at your best through increased capacity
  • Thrive – educate and create resilience in body and mind

Our goal is to provide every client with the best solution to their problem, that they may in some way benefit in the long term from our physiotherapy services. We have been doing this for over 25 years and love what we do!

How do we bring activity back into your life?

  • High standards of clinical excellence – we assess, diagnose, plan, treat and educate
  • Highly trained staff with technical skills and emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Gym-based rehabilitation and vocational-based rehabilitation
  • Providing certainty, optimism and encouragement to reach your goals
  • Access to other areas of knowledge including nutrition, psychology and exercise prescription
  • Multiple locations throughout Canterbury allowing easy access

Who we are

We are a dynamic and experienced team of physiotherapy professionals, leaders in the field of physiotherapy as well as competitive athletes. We use our strengths across our different areas of expertise to improve client outcomes. We believe in a continuum of care from early management to complete rehabilitation and return to function.

We are one of the largest providers of private physiotherapy in the South Island. With multiple branches throughout Canterbury, we operate in community clinics within or near medical centers or in large modern gyms used for exercise and rehabilitation.

Founded by Marie and Graeme Nuttridge, pioneers in the field of physiotherapy, Physiosouth was established as a client-centric community clinic. Today Physiosouth is managed by a team of experienced clinicians who uphold this core value and strive towards providing expert service, cutting-edge treatment and rehabilitation methods through professional development and an evidence-based approach.

Who we are

Our Physiotherapists

Our team is handpicked for their excellent technical knowledge, their kind and empathetic nature, and their ability to work with you in planning and supporting you to realise your activity goals. We have regular interdisciplinary clinical meetings and professional development pathways to ensure they maintain and develop their competence and professional skills in line with continually evolving best practice guidelines.

Our Senior Physiotherapists have at least five years of experience in a variety of clinical settings, further enhancing their skills, knowledge, and expertise. They also may have a post-graduate qualification, recognising areas of specific interest to provide support and guidance in facilitating recovery from injuries.

Our Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACP) have at least ten years of experience, earned a Master’s degree, and demonstrate advanced clinical assessment, diagnostic, and recovery management planning skills. They all contribute to the profession through mentoring and developing leadership skills.


Our Staff

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