Preventing and managing workplace injuries benefits everyone. Physiosouth assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries to help get injured employees back on their feet. We also support businesses through our Workplace Quick Response Program.

Prevention is always better than cure

Musculoskeletal (joint, bone and soft tissue) injuries or disorders are a widespread problem that causes suffering and high costs to businesses due to absenteeism. Sometimes disorders develop over time through exposure to often avoidable risk. Mitigating the risk, preventing the injury in the first place, and early treatment will lessen these impacts.

Physiosouth offers an assessment service and treatment plan for injured employees, helping employees to remain at or return to work, and increasing their everyday duties as they recover.

We also offer work site assessments and an employee-wide musculoskeletal assistance program, Physiosouth’s Workplace Quick Response Program.

Assessment service & treatment plan

Employees with pain or discomfort are referred to us for an initial assessment. This is to address functional limitations and to look at what both the employee and employer can do to assist with a safe and sustainable recovery. We identify any barriers which may delay recovery or any possible underlying health conditions, and make recommendations.

Our experienced physios will:

  • Undertake an initial assessment, take a comprehensive history, and if required, book two follow-up appointments
  • Discuss your current work duties and what that involves
  • Create a return-to-work plan with timeframes and duties
  • Identify which tasks are safe and suitable for you to perform and any restrictions
  • Identify what an employer can do to assist your recovery, including any barriers to recovery and alternative duties

Workplace Quick Response Program

Physiosouth’s Workplace Quick Response Program is designed to support Canterbury employers look after their employees, and to help employees feel safe and supported. Think of us as your go-to partner for musculoskeletal injuries – many Canterbury businesses right across the industry already do!

We place an emphasis on addressing the cause and on promoting self-management in the workplace. We have a 90% success rate in getting clients back to work within the specified ACC timeframes.

Work Task Analysis:
An onsite assessment looking at work roles, identifying barriers and issues and giving recommendations.

Work Site Assessment: Ongoing functional rehabilitation, workplace monitoring and employee education. We can tailor a package to suit your requirements in line with current ACC rates.

Benefits of our Workplace Quick Response Program

  • Identifies and removes risk – by encouraging early reporting of fatigue and discomfort, you can identify the risk factors and work to remove them
  • Prevents injuries – removing risk factors and establishing a self-care program will decrease injuries
  • Supports your employees – if not addressed these types of injuries can have short and long term physical and emotional impacts
  • Benefits your business – not only do you avoid costly injuries, you can turn better employee performance into a competitive advantage

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