Our physiotherapists help restore movement and function to anybody affected by an injury, disability or health condition. We provide relief from pain and injury, and resolve problems for the long-term so you can enjoy a strong, healthy and active life.

Is physiotherapy right for me?



Benefits of physiotherapy with us

Our collective years of experience and advanced training combined with our highly personalised, straight-talking and compassionate approach has established Physiosouth as one of Christchurch’s leading and most trusted providers of musculoskeletal (joint, bone and soft tissue) physiotherapy services.

We are not your average physiotherapists. We treat sport and activity injuries, back pain, pre and post-surgical clients and show you how to prevent injuries and health conditions. We apply our unique skills in mobility, biomechanical assessment, functional movement retraining, strength and conditioning and exercise prescription to address the needs of both injured individuals and those seeking a return to activities they love with confidence and a reduced risk of injury.

The way we work

On your first visit, your physiotherapist will take a detailed history and listen to your goals. You will then be assessed so the physiotherapist can develop a working diagnosis. Together we will formulate a treatment plan to help resolve your immediate issues and achieve your short and long-term goals. Your customised treatment plan, key milestones and expected timeframes for recovery will be discussed in detail.

Your treatment plan will vary depending on your individual goals, and will not be limited to the treatment room. We have access to Christchurch’s best gym and pool facilities. This gives us huge scope to work with you to achieve your goals.

Depending on your injury or problem your physiotherapist may recommend various specialists. This includes our wider in-house team and when required, our clients can be reassured by access to our external network of respected consultant partners.

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