Most of us at some time or other have had knee pain. Our trained physios understand how this joint works and the best way to treat any injuries or age-related pain. The best news of all? Nearly all knee pain can be improved with exercise and treatment.

What causes knee pain?

Apart from lower back pain, the knee remains the biggest cause of musculoskeletal pain and disability; from the high-profile athlete who ruptures their ACL to the majority of us who experience increasing knee pain as we get older.

Knee pain is usually caused by the load we bring to bear on the joint during our day as well as the structure or any damage to the knee. In almost all cases (except highly complex problems requiring surgery) simple exercises can make definite improvements, reducing pain and increasing function. Restoring the range of motion, strengthening the muscles that support the knee, and restoring balance and alignment are essential to knee health and recovery. Additionally for athletes, specific sports training may be required.

How Physiosouth treats the condition

  • Assess and test specific structures of your knee, how you walk (including the effect of your shoes), running technique and movement patterns (including sport-specific)
  • Diagnose clearly the cause of your injury/disability or pain/discomfort so you are fully informed
  • Develop a bespoke rehabilitation program together, detailing how we can help you recover/repair
  • Create an exercise program tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle (including access to gyms/swimming pools for training or exercises to perform at home)
  • Educate and support you, monitoring progress throughout the rehabilitation process, increasing loads as necessary to achieve your pre-determined goals
  • Facilitate further intervention with our partner network of podiatrists, nutritionists, personal trainers, doctors and surgeons (as required)


Outcome of treatment

We know that following a physio-based treatment program is the best way to help you achieve your goals and a better health outcome. Our process gives you a clear understanding of the cause of your issue and the reasons that this occurred, helps to resolve pain and discomfort, and restore function.

Be empowered to return to previous levels of activity without fear or concern, confident that you can take yourself further than previously and assured that you will enjoy continued physical and mental benefits.

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